Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shooting Stars and Other Friends of Tim

I've been getting a number of good reviews lately, and it's about time I posted links to them. Check these out!

First, I want to direct your attention to Shooting Stars Mag, a terrific YA book blog right here on blogspot, written by my new best friend Lauren Becker. She wrote a very positive review of EVIL? posted here. Lauren did a number of things with me, including a giveaway contest, a guest post written by me, and an interview. I am so grateful for all the publicity Lauren did for me.

Next, there are three reviews here at Goodreads. They all seem to love Fon Pyre, and called Stuart "smart and sassy"!

Chapters/Indigo has one review posted. Thanks, Lindsey Carmichael!

LibrariAnne also reviewed me. You can read Anne Heathen's review here.

Also, do not miss this review by Meghan K at Teens Know Best! She comes up with a few terms for masturbation that even I didn't know! "A date with Rosie Palms" - couldn't stop laughing!

Wow. I am so very happy. These are very exciting times for me!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Apoca-Lynn Finished!

Yes, I've finally bashed my new novel into shape. At least, it's in a shape good enough in my eyes to send to my agent. I'm sure a few more drafts will be necessary before it sees print.

This book was a troubling one for me. I struggled with the characters, plot mechanics and even names for months, more so than with any other book. I'm not sure why that was; some stories just need a bit more work than others. Anyway, I'm happy with it now.

Hopefully, the world soon will be, too.