Friday, June 24, 2011

And Another Cupid War Review... from Kirkus!

The Cupid War is reviewed in the July 1 issue of Kirkus Reviews [5,000].

Author: Carter, Timothy

Review Date: July 1, 2011
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 240
Price ( Paperback ): $9.95
Publication Date: August 1, 2011
ISBN ( Paperback ): 978-0-7387-2614-4
Category: Fiction

Life was bad enough for Canadian teen Ricky Fallon; who knew death came with pink spandex?

Fallon actually planned to off himself. He was on the Pape Street Bridge ready to jump because his girl dumped him, his dad was a prick and his “best friend” Susan was the most clingy, depressing person on the planet. He changed his mind…and slipped. Fallon wakes to find Bud, a Soul Reaper, ready to take him to—his new job. Souls with Karma to work out become Cupids, genital-free, Love-eating spirits who exist to increase the supply of Love in the world by getting the living to couple-up. Fallon’s new boss Louis is a huge jerk. Bad enough that he’s got to suffer that (and the heart-emblazoned spandex), but, with little training, Fallon also has to avoid Suicides, the dangerous, misery-eating antitheses of Cupids. When he finds Susan has attached herself to a new unfortunate, Fallon suspects there’s something more than meets the eye to that downer-girl. Can he save her new target (and maybe the world)? Carter’s newest is a darkly humorous, fantastical frolic. Fallon’s snark is tempered by his conflicted feelings about his runaway mother. Other characters aren’t as well-rounded, but the unique afterlife and a surprisingly spiritual twist will keep pages turning.

Fans of funky unconventional fantasy will lap it up and roar for more. (Humorous fantasy. 12 & up)

Three reviews in, and I'm still smokin'! I'm a very happy author, yes indeed!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Cupid War Reviews!

Hello, everyone! I've been ignoring the blogosphere again in favour of Facebook, and don't even ask me about Twitter. I need at least one clone of me to keep up with all this stuff.

But I'm here now, and happy to share with you the first review of The Cupid War, as posted in CM Magazine and written by Ann Ketcheson.

The Cupid War has also been reviewed in the June 2011 issue of VOYA by Heidi Uphoff. The full review is posted below:

Carter, Timothy. The Cupid War. Flux/Llewellyn, 2011. 240p. $9.95. Trade pb. 978-0-7387-26144.

Ricky Fallon decided at the last second that he did not want to end his life after all, but he slipped and fell from the bridge anyway. In the afterlife, Fallon discovers that he must repay a karmic debt for ending his life early by donning a pink bodysuit and helping people fall in love. That is right—Fallon becomes a Cupid. Little is cute about his situation, however, as Fallon learns that the Cupids are at war with the Suicides, dark beings that cause depression in their human victims. The story gets complicated when Fallon learns that the lecherous girl, Susan Sides, who drove him to his suicide attempt, may be a human/Suicide hybrid. Fallon meets other Cupids along the way and even falls in love with a psychic teenager whose friend is Susan’s next target.

Carter has created a whimsical story focusing on the serious subjects of suicide and depression. Unlike his previous work, Evil? (Flux/Llewellyn, 2009), The Cupid War leaves readers wondering what message, if any, Carter is attempting to convey. Carter also misses giving depth to the story by not developing potential sub-plots such as the early death of Fallon’s mother. Despite these minor flaws, young adults who enjoy light-hearted, easy-to-understand stories with happy endings will be drawn to this book.

Not quite as positive as the CM one, but it could have been worse. I'd like to point out that while Susan Sides displays many leech-like traits, she is in no way lecherous.

Two early reviews, and the book isn't for another month and a half! Huzzah, and words to that effect.