Thursday, March 19, 2009

EVIL? Editing

Last week I did the final round of editing on EVIL?, and it was a lot less painful than I'd feared. I hadn't heard from FLUX since I sent the rewritten version to them in August, and I wanted to know how the new ending had worked out.

Naturally, my fears were completely unfounded - they were very happy with the book, and the editor assigned to it thought the ending was terrific! She pointed out a few things that needed changing and/or fixing, areas where I'd goofed and said something that was proved untrue earlier (or later) in the story. I try to keep all the details in my head when I'm writing, or at least try to fix all that stuff before the publisher sees it, but I'm only human and I goof up like everyone else. That's why it's great to have a skilled editor there to catch those gaffes and make me look good.

My editor's name is Sandy Sullivan, and she is to be praised. My novel is in good hands thanks to her.

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