Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Author Events

I've had a couple of very successful author events recently. First off, I had the official launch for EVIL? at the Indigo Spirit in Royal Bank Plaza, here in downtown Toronto. I sold 16 copies of the new book, as well as three copies of EPOCH and a couple of Attack Of The Intergalactic Soul Hunters. Not a bad day's work!

A bunch of my friends came to wish me well, including my good friend Vijay, who took the photos I've posted here.

Sadly, no one from the media came. I was hoping for at least some interest from one of Toronto's newspapers, but there we are. Anyway, it's a small complaint. The event was a success, and much fun was had.

This is me with my friend Martha, who came to get EVIL? and wish me well.

The second event came a week later at the Ralph Thornton Centre, a community centre and library where my friend Lucille runs a writing group. We met while working for the same market research company, and she asked me if I would come for a special event. Absolutely, said I, and I'm glad I did. I read two chapters of EVIL? and answered questions from the audience, who were made up mostly of people from Lucille's writing group. Also in attendance were my wife Violet, my sister Claire, and a few friends who hadn't been able to make it to the launch the week before.

I'm happy to say that EVIL? is off to a great start. More events are coming; I'm doing a library appearance in the fall, and at least one more book signing in the lead-up to Christmas.

Can't wait!

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