Thursday, November 19, 2009

Important Vital Test Of Your Knowledge Of Timothy Carter

Here's something fun. When I did my author appearance in the library last month, I gave all the kids a fake test about me. They really got into it, and tried to pick the answers that would butter me up the most so they could get free books from me. I'm not ashamed at all to admit it worked! Here's the test:

1. Timothy Carter was born:
a. in England
b. in Canada
c. to be wild
d. yesterday

2. Timothy Carter wrote:
a. Epoch and Evil?
b. Weepoch and Weevil?
c. Twilight and Harry Potter (under different names, naturally)
d. nothing I’d touch with a ten-metre cattle prod

3. I like Timothy Carter because:
a. he’s such a cool guy
b. his books are fantastic
c. he gives my life meaning
d. he got me out of school today

4. FOR GIRLS ONLY – Timothy Carter is:
a. like, totally cute
b. married? Awww…
c. kind of a dork
d. making me uncomfortable. And what’s with that hat?

5. FOR GUYS ONLY – Timothy Carter is:
a. the Man
b. the kind of guy you want to hang out with
c. probably not very good at football
d. sooo getting a wedgie when this is over

6. We will read Timothy Carter’s books because:
a. they sound pretty good
b. I’m interested in the subject matter
c. I’m delighted to support a Canadian author
d. my teacher’s making me

7. Ten years from now, Timothy Carter will:
a. be world-famous
b. own the planet
c. have survived the cataclysm of December 21, 2012
d. still be wearing that damn hat

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Saints and Spinners said...

Oh, funny! I look forward to reading Weepoch and Weevil: The Battle for the Land.