Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm over a week late with this post, but I wanted to say a little something about Polaris 24, the scifi/fantasy convention I was at July 16-18. As with last year, it was a lot of fun. I did five panels, I sold books at my table, and I handed out promotional flyers for Evil?, Epoch, and my upcoming Cupid War. I also got involved in two geek-offs, where I competed against other genre experts on trivia questions about the Doctor Who universe, and the worlds created by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Firefly, etc). I have my friend Shira to thank for encouraging me to participate.

I only have one picture from the event:

That's me and my wife Violet standing with Captain Jack Harkness, from Torchwood. One of the highlights for me from this convention was the panel I requested and moderated: Torchwood: Children of Earth - One Year Later. If you haven't seen this fantastic miniseries, go find it right now! I'll wait.

No I won't. The panel took place between eleven and midnight on Saturday, but the room was packed! Everyone had something to say, and emotions were very high. And then Kai Owen turned up! He's the actor who plays Rhys on Torchwood, the husband to Gwen Cooper. He's a terrific guy with a heck of a sense of humour, and he added a great deal of insight to the panel.

As with last year, I felt a profound sadness when the weekend was over. I want more! MORE!

And I got more. I made a lot of new friends, most of whom I've found on Facebook. Not all of them, however - Nick Lowry, if you're reading this, I need help finding you!

Naturally, I can't wait for the next con.

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