Friday, January 14, 2011

Sick of Being Sick

In today's lesson, fans of the written word, we learn that illness and creativity do not mix. I've had the flu (or a really bad cold, it's hard to tell) for the last four days, and my creative output has bottomed out with it.

I've written before about the impossibility for me to write while upset. The same is equally true for the flu, it would seem. All you can think about is how crappy you feel, and how you wish you could just get better. You'd think that my stories would be a good distraction, but I have not found this to be so. This post is the first thing I've been able to write since becoming ill, in fact.

So, try to stay healthy at all costs. The flu is no fun at all. Maybe I can write about it when I'm well. Let's hope that happens soon!

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