Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Progress, Or Pothole?

My trouble with picking a suitable novel project would seem to be over. I've started work on something I call I, Suicide, a spin-off from The Cupid War. It's about a girl who becomes a supernatural entity responsible for creating dark feelings in the living. It will be a first-person POV, and in spite of the dark content I'm hoping to make it as funny as Epoch or Evil.

All that sounds well and good, but it doesn't mean I'm out of the post-project woods yet. I still have to see if this project will take off, so to speak. I've already taken one crack at it, an effort I then proceeded to crumple up and throw out. It wasn't working. I've started again, and like the new version a bit more, so I'll probably go a couple of chapters to see how excited I get.

It would be a great story to write, and I could say even more about mood disorders than I did in Cupid War. Lots of good reasons to write this book. The real question, however, is how much to I want to see this story finished? I wish I knew right away, the way I did with Epoch and Evil. My own mood disorder has been getting in the way far too often in the last couple of years. I'm way behind on my editing, and all my projects take twice as long.

I need to get better, and soon. This is, after all, my career.

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