Friday, July 15, 2011

Off To Polaris 25

This weekend is Polaris 25, the big sci-fi and fantasy con that for me is an annual event. Good times will be had, money will be spent, and hopefully lots of books will be sold. I will make a brief appearance tonight, then I'll get real busy tomorrow with four discussion panels. I have a panel on Doctor Who bright and early Saturday morning at 10, followed by a writing panel on creating memorable characters at noon. At 2 I have a panel on medieval fantasy and modern/urban fantasy, and at 5 I finally get to do a panel about writing for the Young Adult market!

On Sunday I have two panels: at 2 I will discuss fictional depictions of the afterlife, and at five I'll do a panel on Reboot, one of my favourite animated shows.

That's all my official stuff. I'm hoping I'll also be able to do some Geek-offs and maybe have a drink or several with friends. It will be a packed weekend, but it will be fun. It always is!

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