Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November News

Normally I like to write my posts out longhand before typing them here, but today I'm just going to wing it. There have been times when I've planned to write a post and then forgotten about it, and I really want some kind of regularity here!

November was an interesting month. As noted in my last post, I attended the Mastery workshop. That was a fantastic experience, and one main benefit I've noticed is that I am more social now. That is great for me, since I tend to be a loner most of the time. Creativity comes from the world out there (imagine me pointing to an 'out there'), from people and places and new experiences. I don't get much of that cooped up in here (now imagine me pointing down to the floor). Now that my cold is gone (I was sick for six days), I can get out and do stuff.

My writing continues to suffer. Part of that can be blamed on the aforementioned tendency of mine to stay in. Most of it, however, is due to continuing life stresses. I'm getting better at coping, but some things are out of my hands. Nevertheless, I've nearly completed six chapters in my new book, I'm So Goddamn Sick Of Vampires!, a new supernatural teen comedy. I have chosen to put I, Suicide on hold for the time being, though. I feel I have a really strong story to tell there, and I'm happy with the eight chapters I've written. I'm sure I will return to it sometime in the not-too-distant future. For the time being, I need to go with what's working. Sick Of Vampires is working, and is keeping me going.

That's it for now. Time to head out into the world!

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