Sunday, December 18, 2011

Closets Video & More On My Channel

Just a quick post to let all of you know I have some new videos up on my YouTube channel. My most recent is all about Closets, my ebook from SynergEbooks. You can check that one out specifically by clicking here. That's three of my books I've done videos for. Next up will be Evil, and I hope to make that one this week.

Also up on my channel are two new installments in my Inspirational Message series, and a parody of Rick Perry's recent political ad starring Sentinel Prime, one of my Transformers toys. Lots of fun, if you know the Transformers stuff I'm referencing (and the original ad, too). My first political video. Well, the guy had it coming.

In other book news, Flux has told me they are still interested in my next manuscript, Young Nostradamus, but they can't make a commitment until they have more sales information about The Cupid War. If the book does well enough, then Young Nostradamus will likely be a go. They likely won't have that information before April 2012; here's hoping I get exciting news then!

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