Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 Days Offline

For two days last week I was thrust mercilessly into productivity. Those of you who read The Onion know exactly where I'm going with this (if you don't, click here) - my Internet was gone. Violet and I made a change with our Internet provider, which necessitated a change with our modems. At least, I think it was our modems. Or maybe only one modem. And possibly a router. Yeah, they love me at the computer store. Anyway, until we dropped off the old modem thingie and picked up the new one, I had no Internet to look at. I've already got rough drafts written for three new blog posts, to be typed up here real soon (this one included). I went for a long walk, did a crapload of writing on my current YA project, and even got some cleaning done. There's a lesson to be learned here, dudes. As soon as I've Googled what that lesson is, I'll Tweet about it. Or maybe make an update on Facebook.

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Booklover2 said...

Good luck with the Temp Work. Not sure if I'd continued reading a blog about it, but I've read your blog... :)