Friday, July 6, 2012

Polaris is Upon Me Again!

Tomorrow I will be heading out to that hotel in Markham to once again experience the awesomeness that is Polaris. I have a box full of books to sell, lots of flyers to distribute, and good friends to see again.

This time, however, I will not be plugging anything new. Over the last few years I’ve either been releasing a new novel a month after Polaris, or I’ve just learned I will be releasing one the following year. There is no new book under contract for me to announce this year, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, I will be there to market what I do have. Good times are ahead, and I can’t wait!

Oh, wait, yes I can. I’m not going tonight for the opening ceremonies/blastoff party. I still have some things to prepare, and panels to prepare for, but mostly I won’t be going because I’m simply too tired. Friday night will be for relaxing, so I can hit the convention fresh first thing Saturday morning!

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