Friday, April 4, 2014

Ad Astra, Revised

Sadly, my 10:00 AM panel on Canadian YA has been cancelled. Tomorrow morning I shall be forced to sleep in. Darn!

Here is my revised panel/reading/signing schedule:

Author Signings – Richmond A – 2:00 PM
Advantages and Disadvantages in the Self-Publishing Game – Markham A – 3:00 PM
Never Ending Stories – Markham A – 7:00 PM
Reading – Oakridges – 9:30 PM

Fandom Mental Health Forum – Richmond B – 1:00 PM

Yep, only 3 panels now. I shall endeavor to make the most of them.

What shall I read from? I need to keep plugging The Cupid War and The Five Demons You Meet In Hell, hopefully encourage a few sales. I'm also working on getting a new novel ready for a Smashwords publication - I could read a bit from that project, too. Again, I open the floor to suggestions/requests.

I'll figure it out. Looking forward to seeing lots of you tomorrow!

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