Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Wrongs... Make A Write?

This is what the end of a job looks like: Drop by when you have a min? Thanks That was the subject line of an email from my manager Friday morning. As soon as I read it, I knew my days at the new job were numbered. My manager confirmed it; they were hiring on some full-time people, and would not need me any more. I shouldn't have been surprised - it was a temp position, with no long-term guarantees. Nevertheless it was a blow; I liked the place and the people I worked with, and the pay was pretty good too. My last day will be June 29, so they actually gave me a week's notice. That's more than most temps get. And there is every possibility I will have a new assignment lined up before this week is out. Sadly, this bit of bad news came directly on the heels of another bit of bad news. I finally received an email from Flux regarding my future with them, and it wasn't good. Sales of The Cupid War and Evil have not been great, so they are no longer interested in publishing my next novel. My time as a Flux author has come to an end. A year ago, either one of those dark tidings would have devastated me. Now, however, I know there are other jobs and other publishers out there. My writing certainly hasn't stopped - I'm on to Chapter 23 of my current project, with many more stories waiting to follow it. I'm certainly not giving up (though the thought did occur to me once or twice), and I'm still going ahead with releasing Walk of Evil one week from today right here in this blog! These are a couple of setbacks, nothing more. Stay tuned.

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