Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What’s There For Me on Halloween? My Pen Is!

I don’t really have anything scary to post here for your Halloween enjoyment, so I decided I’d go with naughty. The following is a song I wrote during my spoken word days while under the influence of immaturity. I amused many an audience with it; the lyrics more than made up for my lack of singing ability.

And, I am featuring this song (well, parts of it) in the short story I’m posting tomorrow: The Cupid War – Fallon’s First Couple. It is an extremely integral part of the plot.

So now, without further ado…

My Pen Is

I'm a writer, and I have something that helps me whenever I need it. It's long, pointy and filled with fluid, and it's right here in my pants! Can you guess what it is? Yes, it's my pen. I want to tell you how wonderful I think my pen is.

When poetry takes seed
What's the one thing that I need?
My pen is!

When my fingers long to dance
What is right there in my pants?
My pen is!

When other boys were in the field
Playing with their balls,
I'd be in my room
With the greatest gift of all.

What makes me feel grand
When it's lying in my hand?
My pen is!

When life seems much too much
What's the thing I long to touch?
My pen is!

What's the thing I seek
Even when it's got a leak?
My pen is!

I know a lot of people
Don't really understand
The joy that I am feeling
When my pen is in my hand.

What is the one thing
That just makes me want to sing?
My pen is!
My pen is!
My pen is!

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