Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Now I'm 40

Yes, today is the day of my 40th Birthday. It's an enormous milestone, the way all birthdays that end in a '0' tend to be. I'm glad I was able to get one last birthday in before the apocalypse, which is of course scheduled for next Friday.

*#$*ing Mayans.

The day has gone well. I had a job interview that seemed to go swimmingly. I got some more work done on my current novel project, Zombie Jesus Day, and am nearing the 1st 3rd mark. Violet got me the blu-ray of The Avengers as my birthday present, and I am currently enjoying a second viewing (with director commentary!). I had my party last Saturday; it involved good friends, English beer, and a fantastic selection of chicken wings. Good times all around, and memories I shall cherish while the world is ending.

I've had some good writing-related stuff recently. My good friend Rebecca Lovatt reviewed my novel The Cupid War, and you can read that review here. She also did a thorough and intensive interview with me, and the link to that is here.

My good friend Steven Pearl, author of Tinker's Plague, filmed an interview with me at SFContario. You can see Part I of that interview by clicking here.

So, happy birthday to me! Jolly good, and all that stuff. Now, if you'll excuse me, The Daily Show is on. Bye!

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